Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I was in the process of digging up some facts for this blog post about those annoying yet often life-saving, alert strips on the road that make a deafening, grumbling, growling noise when you drive over them too fast—when I encountered one myself

It wasn't a concrete or asphalt one on the road, but a potential emotionally unsettling one in the form of an unexpected phone call this morning from my doctor's office after a recent medical checkup. It too rattled my ear drums.

Rumble strips are put on roads for a purpose; sometimes to wake us up if we are dangerously nodding off, to keep us in line if we tend to drift off lane, slow us down if our speed is excessive, warn us of something ahead—that sort of thing. Sometimes there is only one rumble strip to cross, sometimes a whole series of them.

They are in the center of the road or across the road or along the shoulder, or at the entrance to school property. Sometimes there are signs warning us that they are ahead, sometimes they just pop up by surprise to startle us. We better not ignore them.

They have their parallel in the spiritual life. Perhaps you have encountered some rumble strips yourself? Medical reports, health issues, relationship upheavals, sudden losses, financial reversals, relocation pressure, loss of independence, forced retirement, family crises--endless possibilities. They are the equivalent of a loving tap on the shoulder by God to get our attention, a caution signal to stay alert if we are driving merrily, merrily with speed set on cruise along “Carefree Avenue” or “Taking-Life-For-Granted Boulevard.” These signs from God are not random or haphazard. We are not victims of chance or circumstances. God is working out His purposes for good in our lives. "Nothing can separate us from the love of God...." 
The bottom line? Let's listen up to those rumble strips--It is Trust in God time!

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