Monday, January 23, 2017


Please introduce Leona's books and
blog to your friends

Leona doesn't have a marketing or promotional department. Nor is she a marketer. And she isn't in the business of selling books, but she has books to sell. Hers is a ministry of spiritual encouragement to the many people whom God brings into her life. For years Leona traveled the world in ministry with her late husband Ted. Now the only way to fulfill her continued calling from the Lord at her advanced season of life is through her books in print and through her blog. Nevertheless, she is reaching the world!

YOU who view her blog and read her books are the key to letting more people know about her books and her blog. Word of mouth is the best way!

Many people have read some of Leona's over 40 published books through the years and are now ordering her 5 new ones just off the press. Her blog receives an average of 2000 views a month from all over the U.S. and Canada and many parts of the world, according to her automatic blog counter. YOU are one of those viewers and YOU may also have read some of her books. If YOU would tell your friends and family about her blog and books, her outreach would double itself quickly.

Besides her newly published books, Leona has written popular books on many other helpful topics to encourage you in the Christian life.  Please tell the people in your life where and how they can order her books, view her blog posts, and where they can connect with Leona personally.

Leona's web page is under reconstruction and being redesigned to reflect her new books, reviews of all her books, specials being offered, and other interesting features. You will be able to check into it soon.

Her blog is always open and you are welcome to come and see what she is currently writing. You are sure to be blessed as you apply to your own life God's truths she has found.

Leona's email is open 24/7 to receive your messages and book orders. She welcomes you to write her about whatever is on your heart or mind--she is a good listener and she will pray for you.

If you want to phone Leona, 540-877-1813 is the number.

You may write to Leona through her GOLDEN MORNING PUBLISHING address: P.O. Box 2697 Winchester, VA 22604

Please help to get the word out!

Leona's Five New Book Releases
for 2017

Three of Leona Choy's previously SOLD OUT books

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