Wednesday, December 7, 2016


GOOD NEWS just in time

The new reprint of my co-authored book AGING JOYFULLY has arrived! It has been sold out and unavailable to the many who want to order it. Plenty of copies waiting for you now and you can take advantage of the next two months promotion price of only $10 plus S/H– just like for my other new books coming off the press. You may order as many copies as you wish for that discount price. The regular price is still only $12.95 after the promotion time is up.

To “age joyfully” seems to be a mission impossible to many people. NOT SO! With God “all things are possible!” We can't help aging, if we are so blessed, but with the JOY OF THE LORD FOR OUR STRENGTH we can do so joyfully!

Everyone needs or will eventually and hopefully need to read AGING JOYFULLY! There are many things over which we have little control: our parentage, our heredity, our environment, our mental capacity, and other personal matters. To a large degree, however, if we are blessed with mature calendar years, we can decide with what attitude we are going to age. Will it be with regrets, with a negative disposition, or with positive anticipation trusting God? The latter is what this book is about!

Consider this book as a road map. Before you go on an extended trip you plan accordingly. The first four chapters deal with four age periods and present life as it is most likely to take place during that particular period of time. Other chapters deal with the importance of developing and maintaining positive relationships. Marriage and singleness is explored, as are other losses common to the aging process. Some other chapter titles are: Opportunities to Serve others, The Joy of Grandparenting, Decluttering and Downsizing, Becoming a Caregiver, and Leaving a Legacy.

This book is designed to assist you in realizing the purpose of each day and making it a joyous experience rather than a depressing and dreaded one. May God help us not to let today slip through our fingers without living it up and celebrating life to the fullest in our mature years.

Leona had the privilege to co-author this book with Dr. Starr by introducing the theme of each of his thought-provoking and insightful chapters with one of her contemporary poems. A prominent denominational Christian leader in Canada, Dr. Starr is an author, speaker, pastor, church administrator and Leona's friend from their college years. He has specialized in pioneering senior adult programs.


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Best of all—a gift to yourself!

Order by phone, email, or post, but HURRY for Christmas!

540-877-1813,, P.O. Box 2697 Winchester, VA 22604

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