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Each Christmas I go to our parish Christmas Fair and search the “White Elephant Room” for some special object on the shelf just “waiting” for me to buy it so I can write a story about it for Makenna Lee Humes, one of my Great Granddaughters. I started the first Christmas after she was born. Usually it is an angel, or a pair of angels who “come to life” and want me to tell their story. Then I send the object as a gift to Makenna, and now to her little sister, Myla. The stories are also in my blog archives: leonachoy.blogspot.com. You are invited to take a look. Just do a "Search." 
Some of the stories are: The Angel with the Injured Wing, The Two Sisters, Lots and Lots of Angels, Cuddle Bear Cottage, The Real Saint Nick, etc. Below is my story for this year. (These are "Let's Pretend" stories, of course. Don't mistake them for "really-truly" stories!--with the exception of the Real Saint Nick.)

 God has wonderfully blessed me with lots of grandchildren and great-grandchildren of all ages. I would really, really like to write separate stories for each of them by name,
but I'm not a children's writer and I'm accepting my growing limitations of calendar years and strength and time.
May these stories serve as "one size fits all."

 Please understand that they are meant for all--for all of mine and for all of yours.


By Great Grandma “Bubi” Lee (Leona Choy) 2016

Once upon a time, two angels in Heaven were having a secret conversation. “Do you think we can get permission from Heavenly Father to go to Earth to visit our angel friends Chera and Sera?” asked Angelina.

“Any of us angels may go once a year, if we ask permission first. Heavenly Father God doesn't want us just flying around anywhere in space. There are dangerous things out there that might harm us—meteorites and comets and space junk and even space shuttles orbiting Earth,” replied Angelica.

“I'll go ask for permission while you decide what we should bring the sweet girls, Makenna and Myla, to whom Guardian Angels Chera and Sera are assigned.”

Angelica returned quickly with the permission slip and the good news that they could make their visit at Christmas time. These two angels were part of the lots and lots of angels that filled Heaven where Heavenly Father lived. He made gazillions of angels who carry out His good wishes for the people on Earth. Angels are invisible to people on earth. And when people get to Heaven they don't turn into angels. People stay people forever. Angels stay angels forever. Heavenly Father created it that way, and said it was good.

A little tear dropped from Angelina's eye. “But I don't really want to miss all the Christmas celebrations here in Heaven—the angel choir concerts just like the shepherds heard in the fields on the night Jesus was born, and the showers of stars like fireworks, the drama of the story of Jesus' birth shown us again, and the welcome party to new people who just arrived in Heaven and haven't experienced their first Christmas here yet. It's all so exciting!”

“But Angelina, we only get to stay on Earth with the Humes family for a few days, and then we'll fly back again to Heaven. There's lots of wonderful things going on in Heaven all the time and we're really not missing anything. The Christmas celebration in Heaven happens every year and just gets better and better.”

“Let's hurry and get ready then. You said we could leave anytime. I have a suggestion what to bring. Let's take the favorite purple flowers from Eden Garden to Chera and Sera. They loved them so much. And for the girls let's take them something that they can use every day of their lives.”

“But Makenna and Myla can't see us, you know. We are invisible to them but Chera and Sera will be able to see us just like we see them. Will the girls be able to see the gifts we bring them? Or are the gifts invisible too?” asked Angelina.

“I guess if you picked out the right gifts that Heavenly Father intends that they should have, they really won't be able to see them either—but they can use them and other people can see them.”

“Well then, you must have picked out the right gifts, Angelina. What are they?” asked Angelica.

“The Gift Selection angel from whom I was given the gifts wrote them down for me on the new robes he gave us for our trip to Earth. We will wear them so we won't forget them or lose them somewhere as we travel down to Earth. Here—this one is yours, and the other one is mine” said Angelina.

Angelica looked at hers. Written on her robe was, Always be full of joy in the Lord. “Heavenly Father wants Myla to have this one all the days of her life because she is such a happy child, always smiling and laughing and full of fun. She can't see her gift, but other people can. And they laugh and smile with her. I'm bringing her some flowers which she will see but she won't know where they came from. That's our secret. They are to remind Myla that Jesus, God's Son, wants her to be full of joy all the time.”

“That is so cool, Angelica. And what is the invisible gift that Heavenly Father sent for me to give Makenna?”

Angelina read carefully from the writing on Angelica's robe, “Devote yourselves to prayer with a thankful heart. Heavenly Father is giving Makenna a thankful heart. She already says 'Thank you' to everyone for anything and everything. People notice what a thankful, polite young lady she is. You are carrying this kind of invisible heart to Makenna, which is a precious gift.”

“Makenna needs to know that Jesus sees her loving heart and that when she prays to Jesus, He loves to have her thank Him for all the things He has given her—a loving Mommy and Daddy, a sister Myla, a beautiful, comfortable home, food that she loves to eat, the best school ever and teachers who love to teach her, her church, friends in the neighborhood, cousins to play with, and lots of aunts and uncles, grandparents, and so, so, so many other things. Every night before the sisters go to sleep they can think of still more new things to be thankful for when they say their prayers.”

“I'm sure that their Guardian Angels Chera and Sera remind them to pray every night after their Mommy and Daddy tuck them into bed. That will give them pleasant dreams,” said Angelina.

Then they hurried to get ready for their exciting visit to Earth and before you know it they were there—in an instant—like magic—looking into the window of the Humes house where the girls were playing around the beautiful Christmas tree. 

They saw Chera and Sera staying close beside them and having fun with them. The angels decided to wait until the girls were tucked into bed before they surprised their angel friends with their visit. 

When Makenna and Myla were sound asleep, Angelina and Angelica flew right through the walls of the Humes house (angels can do such super things and not even get hurt!) and they surprised their angel friends who live with the Humes family. Oh! They were so happy to be together again and Chera and Sera wanted to hear all about what was going on in Heaven since they left. They told Angelina and Angelica how happy they were here taking care of these precious girls and watching them grow up and learn so many new things about God's world and how to live happily with each other.

Don't forget, Mommy Kara and Daddy Brian also have Guardian angels caring for and protecting them all the days of their lives. All six Guardian angels got together every night while the children and the parents slept so they could celebrate their friendship and the goodness of Heavenly Father God to create people with loving hearts to live happily together like the Humes family does. The six angels didn't talk too loudly so as not to disturb the girls. In fact, you couldn't hear the angels talking at all! Here's another secret—angels can communicate without saying any words—did you know that? They just sort of “think” the words! 

The six Guardian angels had a great time together during Christmas too. They loved watching the way God's people celebrated the coming of Baby Jesus to Earth at the same time as it was being celebrated in Heaven. They loved the Christmas tree lights, the bells, the Christmas trees, the candles, Christmas carols, the good smells of baking cookies and special foods of Christmastime. Mostly they loved to hear the laughing voices of happy children.

Soon it was time for the two visiting angels to return to Heaven. Would you believe? Angelina and Angelica had such a good time with the Humes family that as soon as they got back to Heaven they quickly applied to Heavenly Father for permission to come again to visit the Humes family next Christmas!

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