Sunday, November 27, 2016

New book in ENCOUNTERING LOSS Trilogy

Joining Leona's book SINGLED OUT FOR GOD'S ASSIGNMENT: A Widow's Valley of Learning, and THE WIDOW'S MIGHT: Strength From the Rock, is her new book NOT ALONE: Travel Tips for Your Journey Through Loss just off the press!

In an easy-to-read format Leona presents distilled gem-thoughts excerpted from her book SINGLED OUT. As “A Taste Of...” and companion volume to her flagship book, it is intended as an appetizer for reading the entire book which amplifies the principles shared herein and helps the reader to adjust to her new normal life at her own pace.

NOT ALONE is an ideal first book to offer as a caring gift to someone who has suffered the loss of a loved one. Written for the woman newly alone, these spiritual vitamins nourish her spirit and lead her toward healthy, single personhood.

These are mini-devotional nuggets of comfort and encouragement which appeared first in Leona's popular sold out book, Walk the Green Valley. They now appear in this new book combined with a 50 page STUDY GUIDE for use individually or with a support group. Suggestions for starting and conducting an encouragement group are offered.

ALL of Leona's books including the new ones just being published are available for the same price, $12.95 per copy plus S/H. That makes it easy and simple for you to order. This comes just in time for your Christmas reading and gift giving.


Leona has 5 new books coming off the press in the several last months of 2016. For the first 2 months after each of her new books becomes available, the price per copy of that new one will be only $10! After the initial promotion, it will continue to be available, of course, at the price of $12.95.

That means that her first new book of this year, FABLES OF GOD'S'S KINGDOM FOR GROWN-UPS is still in the promotion period for $10 no matter how many copies you would like to order for Christmas giving.

Now NOT ALONE has arrived, and you can also order it for $10 for the next two months through January 2017.

The same offer holds after each of her other three new books comes off the press. After her web site is redesigned, you will find some GREAT BARGAINS and COMBO SPECIALS.

One of those specials is available NOW at even less as a promotional!  

You may purchase the entire TRILOGY of Leona's ENCOUNTERS WITH LOSS books mentioned above (all 3 books!) for the discount price of $26.95 for the next 2 months only. I can say with almost certainty that everyone reading this knows a friend or relative who has experienced the loss of a loved one and would benefit from these popular Christian books.

Until the Golden Morning Publishing web site is redesigned, you can order your special promotional copies and all other books Leona has written by emailing her at or phoning your order to her 540-877-1813 or writing her at 497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603.

Order without delay and solve some of your Christmas giving
with an order for Leona's books!

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