Tuesday, November 15, 2016

HOT OFF THE PRESS! (Literally!)

My first attempt at writing a fiction book: "FABLES OF GOD'S KINGDOM FOR GROWN-UPS," is off the press! 

The shipment has just arrived. The cases are still stacked in my entrance hall.

FABLES is the first published of the 5 new books I have written this year. 

 By the end of the year I anticipate all 5 of my new books to be off the press and 3 of my previous books that were sold out are in process of being reprinted and available for order again. (We have been sort of busy.)  

My webmaster son Rick has been professionally producing all my books and handling technical logistics of publishing. As soon as possible he will make the new books available on e-books too!

Now he is hard at work redesigning our Golden Morning Publishing web site www.goldenmorning.com to reflect my new titles, with updated reviews of each book pictured with its color cover, and a listing of all my books available for ordering. You will also find some easier ways of ordering and some deep discounts for Combo Specials of some of my related topic books.

The price of every one of my books, including the new ones just published, will be the same: $12.95 plus s/h.  That makes it easy for you to order!

Here's some special good news just in time for your Christmas reading and gift giving: For the next 2 months after each of my new books becomes available, the price for a copy of that new one will be only $10! (After that, it will continue to be available, of course, at the price of $12.95.)

That means that from today to the end of January, a copy of  FABLES OF GOD'S KINGDOM FOR GROWN-UPS will cost you only $10 no matter how many copies you would like to order for Christmas giving!  

When my new book NOT ALONE: Travel Tips for Your Journey Through Loss arrives in a week or so, the same promotional price of $10 a copy applies until the end of January.

When UPS delivers the cases of my SELAH REFLECTIONS: Press the PAUSE Button, the same promotional price of $10 will apply for the two months after that.

The same applies when PSALMS OF MY HARVEST: Confessions of a Psalmist rolls off the press.

And still $10 a copy for the first two months when SAGE BRUSHINGS: Painting With Words is shipped to me.

When my new web site is updated, you will find some great bargains for Combo Specials. And bonus CD's that are topic related will come tucked into some of my books.

To whet your appetite, here is what the back cover of FABLES says:
Imagineerings and Personifications

LEONA CHOY is primarily known as a non-fiction writer of her more than 40 published books. But this modest volume is obviously fiction! You can tell that she had a delightful time trying her wings creating and writing these fanciful mini-stories for a change. She wrote not only to entertain readers but with the hope that they might find some meaningful take-away value.

These selections might at first seem slanted toward juvenile readers, since Leona presents them in a fairy tale or fantasy format. They are, in fact, adult-oriented because of their symbolic and allegorical content. Definitely for a mature audience.

Leona doesn't tell you how to interpret what she calls her “imagineerings.” She respects the readers' intelligence and lets them draw their own moral conclusions or applications.

She takes her own path to creatively express universal truths and principles at times through humor and hyperbole. Her writing devices include parable, allegory, fable, metaphor, simile, analogy and dialogue.

Freely employing anthropomorphic terminology, she ascribes human characteristics, emotions, speech, or attributes to a being or thing not human, including God. Leona calls it personification, where ideas or emotions speak for themselves. She supports her ideation with relevant biblical references.

Each life contemplation is bite sized and can stand alone. Leona offers 31 original fables for you to enjoy!

Until my Golden Morning Publishing web site is redesigned, you can order your special promotional copy (copies) of FABLES OF GOD'S KINGDOM FOR GROWN-UPS by emailing me leonachoy@gmail.com or phoning your order to me 540-877-1813

Order without delay and solve some of your Christmas giving with an order for Leona's books!

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