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It has become a tradition for me to look for some object (usually related to angels) at our parish craft fair and turn it into a story for one of my great-granddaughters, Makenna Lee Humes, for her December birthday. She is five years old this year and below is my 2015 story sparked by the little porcelain angels who were waiting for me on a shelf at the fair. You may find my stories from previous years in the blog Archives under category "Children's stories."

 Great-Grandma "Bubi" Leona


Once upon a time there were two little angels sitting together in the Waiting Room of a beautiful Garden in God's Heaven. They were part of lots and lots of other angels who were waiting for Heavenly Father God's assignment to fly to Planet Earth and become Guardian Angels for new babies to be born to the Human Family. 
These two special angels were such good friends that they did everything together. They were like sisters. They explored the twinkling stars together. They jumped about on the fluffy white clouds like on a trampoline. They sang together in the Heavenly Choir. They laughed and played games together all day and all night too. Because there is no nighttime in Heaven, it never got dark. 
They even liked the same kind of flowers in Heavenly Father God's Garden. Especially the purple ones. So they would pick one purple flower and both of them would hold it and smell its fragrance.

These two little angels hoped that when Father God gave out assignments and it would be their turn, that they could go together to some family that would have twin babies. Then they could spend a lifetime together in the same Human Family as Guardian Angels for two little girls.

Lots of new babies kept being born all over the world every day in every country year after year. Our two little angels would get so excited and happy whenever other angels received their assignments.

They waited and waited and waited and waited....But the time for their assignment didn't come yet.

Then one day Assigning Angel came by and the little angels jumped with happiness! They thought it was finally their turn! Oh! But only one of them was being chosen! She was to become the lifetime Guardian Angel to a new baby girl named Makenna Lee Humes in Maryland in the United States of America! Little Angel-One was given the assignment and was told to leave in a hurry!

Suddenly she became sad when she looked at Little Angel-Two. “There are not two babies. There is only one! So we can't go together!” Little Angel-Two was also sad. They hugged each other tightly and hoped that some day they would see each other again.

Little Angel-One was so delighted to be assigned to watch over and care for baby Makenna Lee. She did not leave her for one minute day or night. She loved to live with the Humes Family. She loved Mommy Kara and Daddy Brian. 
Little Angel-One was excited the day that Makenna was baptized. And she loved all the people who came to the church and to the party the family had in their home afterward. Little Angel-One loved parties, and the Humes family had lots of them because they were a big loving family.

Before a year had passed, baby Makenna learned to crawl and then walk. She was a happy, active baby. And then she learned to run! Little Angel-One had to fly fast to keep up with her. 
Then another year passed and Makenna grew quickly into a sweet little girl with red hair. Then another year passed and she began to go to pre-school. She loved school and learned many new things. Little Angel-One stayed with her at school and at play and wherever the Humes Family went. Little Angel-One loved to go with the family on vacations, especially to the beach to play in the ocean and make sand castles. A Guardian Angel never sleeps, but watches over her person day and night wherever she goes.

One day when Makenna was four years old, Little Angel-One heard Daddy and Mommy Humes talking about buying a bigger bed for Makenna because they were going to use the crib for another little baby who was coming soon to the Humes Family. Little Angel-One became so excited. “But how will I be able to watch over two children?” 

Then she remembered: Heavenly Father God sends a different Guardian Angel to watch over each new baby that is born into the world. “Oh! Oh! Who will Heavenly Father send here to be the new baby's Guardian Angel?”

Meanwhile, back in Heavenly Father's Waiting Room Garden, Little Angel-Two was waiting, and waiting, and waiting for her assignment. She waited one year. She waited two years. She waited three years. She waited four years! She missed her friend, Little Angel-One. She wondered if she would ever see her again.

Then she saw Assigning Angel coming in her direction. “Here is your assignment, Little Angel-Two. Hurry and get ready to fly to Planet Earth!”

Where am I going?” she asked. 
Somewhere in Maryland to a place called Eldersburg. You will have to wait and see,” said Assigning Angel.
When Little Angel-Two arrived at her assigned Family, she could hardly believe her eyes! When she looked through the window of the Humes home, she saw Little Angel-One watching over a tall, beautiful little girl with red hair! (Angels can see each other, but human people can't see angels. They are invisible!) “Oh! Oh! Thank You, Heavenly Father, for granting our wish to be together again!”

Little Angel-Two was assigned to be the Guardian Angel for the new baby just born. Her name was Myla Wynne Humes! And she had red hair too! Now Makenna had a baby sister who would soon crawl, then walk, then run, and she would have someone to play with all the time. Makenna was now a big sister. She would help take care of her little sister and teach her how to do things. Sisters always love to be together!

Mommy Kara told Makenna that she herself was a little sister to Makenna's Aunt Kelly who was Mommy's big sister. “Being SISTERS is the best thing ever!” said Mommy.

Now I am a BIG sister too! To have a SISTER is the best thing ever!” exclaimed Makenna.

To live in the same house with the Humes Family AND to be together again with you, Little Angel-One, THAT'S the best thing ever!” said Little Angel-Two.

Together we will be the best Guardian Angels EVER!” said both Little Angels at the same time. They laughed together with joy. “And look...I brought you one of our favorite purple flowers from Heavenly Father's Flower Garden!” said Little Angel-Two. “Let's hold it together and thank Heavenly Father God for blessing us to live together and care for these two beautiful SISTERS!”

"And guess what else is the best thing ever?" laughed Little Angel-One. "Whenever the sisters are together, WE are together too, watching over them side by side!"

"And don't forget that there are not only TWO of us Guardian angels living in the Humes house—there are FOUR of us!  Daddy Brian and Mommy Kara each have a Guardian angel who has been watching over them since they were born!”

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