Tuesday, August 4, 2015


"I love those moments when my infant daughter's discontent is so easily soothed in my loving arms. There are times when I need someone or something greater and stronger than me to soothe the discontent of my soul. Whenever I turn to the outstretched arms of my loving Heavenly Father, that peace overwhelms my soul. It never fails."

I "stole" this thought from my grandson, pastor Dr. Ed Choy as he snuggled my great-granddaughter, Karis Leona against his heart. She became quiet and breathed a sigh of happy contentment. Her strong Daddy's arms encircled her. She felt safe.

Who of us doesn't echo that feeling when our own discontent, distress, disappointment, discouragement, despair, or whatever else assaults us in the daily round of life? Whether it's humdrum mediocre routine and plodding along in the deadening "same old" unremarkable ordinary, or on the battlefield of adversities, in the fear of the "terror by night or arrows flying by day.” Real or figurative, we need a refuge. We need to feel safe on “a Rock that is higher than I.” 

It isn't sissy to run to a refuge when danger is near. It isn't lack of courage. It is wisdom to know that there is a safe sanctuary, a shelter in the time of storm, a welcome when things get tough.

The Rock of Ages beckons us. He is our Rock no matter what age we are, what season of life we are in. The apostle John experienced it leaning on Jesus' bosom when there was a sense of trouble on the horizon. “There is a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God.” We find it “leaning on the Everlasting Arms, safe and secure from all alarms.”

Come back with me, back before the short choruses, the contemporary music, the worship team. Listen to and join in with the simple, solid, classic hymn expression of such an experience as to be embraced in the arms of our Heavenly Father as little Karis nestled against her Daddy's chest. And then go there yourself....


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