Thursday, July 16, 2015


About 35 Choy-related celebrants descended on my home, “Eagle Summit,” in Winchester, Virginia on July 12. With the exception of two grandchildren, one spouse, and one great-grandchild, all four of my sons, (l to r: Rick, Gary, Jeff, Cliff), spouses, children and their grandchildren from hither and yon were on hand to celebrate my 90th birthday cum reunion.

Due to scheduling and distance, the family celebration had to be held later than my June 22nd “real” birth date on which I already celebrated with great gusto.  Never mind—I'm planning to celebrate the beginning of my nineties all year and each day as a gift from our Loving God!

God has blessed me and my late husband Ted with 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren! (In the photo below missing were 2 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.)
  There were FOUR GENERATIONS of us celebrating! The three most recent infant great-grands were passed around for hugs and snuggles. Thankfully they survived all the love lavished on them! I joyfully turned my master bedroom into a mothers' and infants' nursing room for mommies Kara, Kelly, and Laura. 

Who could resist holding any of these little angels?

Family members smoothly divided the tasks for decorating, preparing a delicious festive meal, birthday cake, and setting up a pavilion tent in my yard where the adults gathered to 
relax while a huge inflatable water slide entertained the children. Everything turned out incredibly harmonious despite such a crowd. With the teenage grandsons, some of the great-grands spent overnight in two tents beside a campfire in my yard. Clouds threatened, but no rain spoiled the fun.
I was surprised with a “This Is Your Life” video production which we viewed on a sheet hung over the draperies in my living room—each family received a DVD copy. I had not seen most of those photos for decades! I was further delighted to be given a “snapfish” color pictorial book with another selection of memorable photos of my life from birth to the present. What a pleasure to view over and over!

(The new little lady above is my "namesake" --Karis LEONA Choy)

Families who came from a distance spent several nights filling up all my guestrooms and floor space for the overflow and we enjoyed a few extra leisurely days of meals and time together. 

Wouldn't you guess? Photos were taken by the hundreds throughout the weekend and many have been displayed on Facebook. It was difficult to limit myself with those above.

"Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!"
 I'm overwhelmed with God's goodness and mercy which has followed me through the mountains and valleys of my long life—especially the blessing of the love and thoughtfulness
 of my precious ever-increasing family.
 I declare with Psalm 103:5
 “[God] satisfies my years with good things,
 so that my strength is renewed like the eagle.”

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