Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Often I discover gems in what my friends have written, and I have the joy of passing them on. This post is an example. I hope you will find it meaningful.
I am starting to truly believe that the secret of Life with a capital "L" is written on and in our heart's desires. 

These desires, the ones that are all-consuming, have a life of their own. They connect you with the pain and joy of the world and with God. They are sacred. 
The time has come to re-ignite the inward journey that leads us to explore these divine desires. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we can still pick up the trail right here and now. God is timeless and therefore God is ever-present in every moment. In this very moment we can dive deeply into our hearts and find God and explore those burning desires that are divine. Our desires are the map God gives us to find the only life worth living!

Don't just ask yourself what the world needs, or what's out there to do. It is vital, it is life-giving, that we first ask ourselves what makes us come alive, and then pursue that! What the world needs now are people who have come alive and are awake. There are enough “sleeping giants” and "deer in the headlights" kind of people out there. We need people who are burning with life, fire, passion, and love, who are seeking to fulfill the desires that God has planted in their hearts. 
I believe that God has in fact “rigged” the world so that life only "works" when we embrace risk as the theme of our lives, when we truly live by faith. 
All our attempts to find a safer life, to live by the expectations of others, just kill the soul in the end. That's not how we find LIFE, Life more abundant. And if there is any wisdom in these words from the years of living I have under my belt, I would say this: Don't ask yourself how or why you should follow your heart's desire; that question will cut your dreams off at the knees. The how is never the right question to ask. And the why questions just lead to chasing an elusive dream, like a hamster on a spinning wheel going nowhere fast. 
The most powerful question to ask is "WHAT?”
What would you dream for yourself? What does your heart truly long for? What do you feel God is calling you to be and do? What makes your soul sing?

I believe the deepest desires of our hearts were placed there by God to lead us deeper into Him and deeper into ourselves. That will thrust us out into this beautiful world to be and do something meaningful, something to please God because it has given us pleasure.
In my estimation, I feel our job is to ask what God wants us to do with our dreams and the desires He has placed in our hearts. 
As for the question of how? Well, that’s God's job.           (By N.C.)

I will add my bit:

Leona Choy

I have some dreams, Lord
leftovers from early years
just hanging there in midair
whose strings I can't let go
some goals that I can't meet
some desires of my heart of hearts
plans I can't complete.
I wonder now—
were they even meant
for fulfillment?

Perhaps some are my own
foolish fantasies
hot air balloons of self
launched from the platform
of my puny pride.
Is my chief distress
that they'll come hissing down
to my embarrassment
without accomplishment?

Then teach me relinquishment
to cut the strings
of those inappropriate dreams
and self-ambitious things
to let them go
and not despair
to surrender them
to Your sovereign care
and be content
to leave them there.

Yet—if perchance the dreams are meant
by Your Divine intent
to come to reality
for Your glory and not mine
inspire me, enable me, my Lord
to pursue them relentlessly
if need be
all the way from here to Eternity!

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