Sunday, June 21, 2015


(On my 90th birthday June 22, 2015)

Dear Lord, when I was 80, there was much that I hadn't done.
I hoped, Dear Lord, that You'd let me live until I was 81.
But then—I still hadn't finished all I wanted to do—
So I asked for a little while longer, until I was 82.
So many places I wanted to go, so very much to see, I said
Do You think that You could manage to make it 83?
The world was changing very fast, there was so much in store,
I asked a further favor—to sample life when I was 84.
By then, since I was still alive, 
I asked if I could stay around until I was 85!
Exciting things kept going on, and I really hoped to stick
Around to see what happened in the world when I turned 86.
I knew, Dear Lord, that it was going to be spectacular in Heaven!
But I really wanted to stay on Planet Earth until I reached 87.
By then my legs didn't move so fast, and sometimes I'd be late,
Still there was so much joy in life to experience when I was 88.
Dear Lord, You've given me so many blessings,
and I've had such a wonderful time,
That I might have been willing to leave for Heaven 
at the ripe age of 89.
Just one more thing I'd like to say:
Dear Lord, I do appreciate all those bonus decades
in which You've been generously blessing me
And I thank You very kindly—
But if it's still OK with You,
I'd love to live past 90
if You still have some work for me to do!
Author: Ann Onymous (Unknown author!) but Leona predictably souped it up/adapted it a bit

The sweet gal who originally sent this to me continued living and loving life, still alert, joyful in the Lord, a great encourager and prayer partner—
who kept pushing the envelope with God—asking for MORE—
until she was 104!

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