Friday, June 19, 2015


Will you forgive a little PRIDE POST?  Thank you for indulging me. At my age perhaps I can get away with it?

Karis Leona Choy, born 6/18/15 10:40 p.m. 7.8 lb.

To put it in heritage perspective, Karis is the daughter of Leona's grandson Dr. Ed Choy and his wife Laura Christ Choy. Ed is the son of Leona and her late husband Ted's third son Gary.

This Great Grandma is highly honored and humbled AND ABSOLUTELY ELATED that on the verge of my 90th birthday Ed and Laura have chosen to give this precious bundle straight from the heart of God, my name for her middle name! Thank you Ed and Laura!  :-) 

(I thought you might have waited for her birth until the 22nd, my birthday, but baby Karis had other plans and jumped the gun!  I think Mommy Laura was more than happy to deliver her just a wee bit early, eh? I heard that Daddy Ed voted for her birth on Father's Day! All's well that ends well! Praise the Lord for a safe delivery for both Mommy and baby!)

God has given this tiny babe a brand new eternal soul, unique from that of everyone else, destined from before the foundation of the world to bless us and glorify "our Father who art in Heaven." 

She joins her three older brothers Elijah, Ephram, and Emet who are all revved up to start spoiling this little feminine miracle! As we all will do....!

And Lord, be pleased to bless this precious family who are dedicated to serving You in full time ministry and are launching out in new ways to reach out multi-culturally to others with the gospel.

My blessings have overflowed in the last several months with the birth of THREE NEW GREAT-GRANDCHILDREN: Kyle Kerr, Myla Humes, and Karis Leona Choy.  Yes, "my cup runneth over!"  What a prelude to my 90th birthday this month! Thank You, Lord!
Leona Choy

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Anonymous said...

Leona I have been trying to get in touch with you, hopefully this reaches you. My sincere congratulations with your 90th birthday today and the blessing of the birth of another precious life who has been given your name as a middle name. Much love in Christ, from Heiko