Friday, December 12, 2014


Great-Grandma “Bubi Lee” Leona Choy
Written for Makenna Lee Humes

Once upon a time Great-Grandma Bubi-Lee went to a Craft Fair at her parish Church. She saw many beautiful things she wanted to buy for her ten grandchildren. Now she had seven great-grandchildren so she had a lot of things to buy.

She bought two shopping bags full of gifts. But on her way home she suddenly remembered seeing a statue of a beautiful little angel that she wished she had purchased.
I wonder if someone else already bought it. I will hurry back again to see if it's still there.”

When Bubi-Lee got to the lady who was selling less-than-perfect items, she found that all of the angels had been sold—except the one she still hoped to buy! There it was on the top shelf all by itself! 
Why didn’t you sell this one?” Bubi-Lee asked. 

“She is my most beautiful angel but she has an injured wing. There is a little chip missing near her shoulder. No one wanted to buy her.” 
“Maybe she has a story to tell,” replied Bubi-Lee smiling. 

“Perhaps she was waiting for me to buy her! I will buy her no matter how much she costs. I will “listen” to her story. I want to give her to my little great-granddaughter, Makenna Lee, for her first birthday.”

Bubi-Lee paid only one dollar for the beautiful angel statue!
The lady wrapped the angel statue in lots of tissue paper and Bubi-Lee carefully carried her home. 
This is the story Great-Grandma Bubi-Lee imagined that the little angel statue told her. She will tell her own story:

My name is BOO-BOO. I live in Heaven. I am one of Heavenly Father-God’s special created angels. There are gazillions of us angels—you could never count us all. We love and serve Father-God. He sends us on trips down to Earth to help His people and also help the creatures He created—the animals and the birds. He cares for them all. 
I never had a chance to go to Earth before because I got hurt one day playing among the twinkling stars. I got too close and one of the sharp points on a star injured my wing. I got a “boo-boo.” That is why all the other angels call me by the name “BOO-BOO.” 
Father-God kissed the hurt place and told me how much He loved me. He promised to send me to Earth on a very special assignment—sometime.

Finally the day came when Father-God said, “The time has come for your special trip to Earth. A little fawn had been injured in Green Forest and needs some Tender Loving Care. Mommy Doe needs help to care for her until Little Fawn’s hurt leg is healed and she can run and play again.”

“I will go, Father-God. I will hold Little Fawn and care for her until her boo-boo is better. I know how she feels because I also have a boo-boo.”

“Fly to Earth then, little angel. But first choose some Earth clothes to wear because Green Forest is covered with snow. It is wintertime and very cold down there on the Blue Planet.”

Angel Boo-boo chose a warm white coat with blue lining trimmed with white fur, a cape for her shoulders, and a matching cap with fur trim to cover her blond hair. “I must have some boots for the deep snow,” she thought. “High blue boots with fur trim that lace all the way up will do just fine to keep my toes warm. Oh! I still need fuzzy mittens to match.”

The little boo-boo on her wing didn't keep little angel from flying down quickly from Heaven to Earth. God provided her with a divine GPS so she could locate Green Forest. She looked around for Little Fawn and Mommy Doe. She found them right away taking shelter under Evergreen Tree. Little Fawn tucked her injured leg beneath her as she snuggled up to Mother Doe. 
“I'm so happy to see you!” said Mother Doe. She tried to lick Boo-boo’s fingers through her mittens.

Angel Boo-boo gently picked up Little Fawn who was trembling with the cold. She held the little deer close to her and covered her with her cape to keep her warm. Little Fawn cuddled under her arm and licked Angel Boo-boo’s face to thank her for coming. Angel Boo-boo could not keep from smiling all the time she was on Earth. She was so happy doing Father-God’s assignment.

Angel Boo-boo stayed in Green Forest on Earth as long as it took for Little Fawn to get well. Winter turned to spring and the snow melted. The warm sun made everything grow and flowers began to blossom. Boo-boo put Little Fawn down on the soft green grass and let her scamper off to follow Mother Doe. 
The birds were singing happy songs and all the animals in Green Forest were scampering about doing what all of Heavenly Father-God’s happy creatures do.

It was time for angel Boo-boo to return to Heaven. She told Father-God all about her adventure on Earth in Green Forest. 
“Well done!” said Father-God. He smiled and gave Angel Boo-boo a loving hug. “Go and play among the stars until I call you for another assignment. But be careful not to get too close to any of those pointy stars whirling around in my big universe. I don’t want you to get another boo-boo!”

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