Saturday, December 27, 2014


That's what life is all about, isn't it? Looking backward and looking forward?

Especially in one's late years, after completions there must be anticipations of what's ahead—joyful, positive expectations, not tainted with fear or dread or regret.

I always review my life at the dawn of a new year. I give serious thought and prayer to “what I want to be when I grow up.” I ask Jesus Christ, the Lord of my life, what He wants me to complete while I'm still in my “earth suit,” my mortal body. In anticipation of my 90th year I want a fresh anointing of the Oil of the Holy Spirit so I don't become stale, wilted, or dry but “full of sap and very green” as God, according to Psalm 92, expects of His children who are in their advanced years. In my recently published book I refer to such people as being in our “summit season” and “vintage years.” 
Each year I choose a word to focus on and internalize in my life. One year it was ABUNDANCE, another year it was WISDOM. Last year, my word was LEGACY. In 2015 I'm choosing FLOURISH from the title of my current book implying to increase and not diminish or slack off, to embrace hope, not to drift but press on, not regress. The release last month of this third book in my spiritual autobiographical “LAND OF MORE” Trilogy is titled STILL MORE! FLOURISHING ON MY SUMMIT. It is both a completion and an anticipation. I am challenging myself to live out and practice what I have already written. I intend for my own book to be my Road Map as I further unpack its meaning for my life in the next year.

While completing this book for publishing, I discovered that I had far too much material for one book. I “flourished” too much! It was a painful task to do serious syntax surgery by cutting it in half and omitting valuable content. It turned out that, in a sense, I had been “pregnant with twins.” I have “still more” than enough choice material left over for a second book, already edited. If God wills, I anticipate that it too may be published in 2015 with the title TWELVE MORE BASKETS FULL! If that actually happens, the second book will also be available on ebooks.

While waiting for STILL MORE! to come off the press last month, I ventured off my usual non-fiction genre to complete a fiction book which I had been working on intermittently for many years. I compiled 31 of my parables into a manuscript titled FABLES OF GOD'S KINGDOM FOR GROWN-UPS. I anticipate, God willing, to finally publish it in 2015. I'm encouraged by the enthusiastic response from viewers of my blog where I posted all the fables recently.

There were other completions in 2014. I produced CD’s from hundreds of broadcast tapes of my previously aired “Living it UP” daily programs on our Christian radio station. This “Legacy Project” also offers companion CD’s to go with some of the topics and books which I have previously published. Because of the demand, I also completed the reprint of two of my most popular books of help for widows and they are available again.

After 30 years of broadcasting 24/7 to a widespread listening audience reaching thousands of lives for Christ, the Board of Directors of our not-for-profit corporation, which I have served as president from the beginning, made the decision to cease broadcasting. To everything there is a time and a season, and we believe we have completed the task to which God called us. Those of us involved in this ministry anticipate new directions to serve Him.

God's goodness and mercy has followed our family and we feel blessed. Thank God my health is stable in spite of aging realities and I keep active. Thank you for your prayers. My severe chronic lower back pain now gives me very little trouble although I still invest many hours at the computer. My number of grandchildren seems to be complete at 10, but the number of great-grands is anticipated to increase by 3 more babies in the next few months making their number 10 as well!

I am blessed with friendships across the country and it is a joy to keep in touch. I welcome phone calls at 540-877-1813, emails at, invite you to view my blog:, and to visit my publications web site Write and come to see me at 497 Devland Dr. Winchester, VA 22603.

Let me know how I can pray for you. My prayer request is: For wisdom to press on to know and do the will of God for the rest of my way. Let's watch for the return of Jesus with greater anticipation!

In the love of Jesus our Savior,
Leona Choy

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