Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The God of the Second Chance
--and the third, the fourth, the fifth Chance

Leona Choy

Long ago on a distant hill
in the springtime of my soul
I gathered a pile of stones
beneath an ancient oak.

It was my altar
where I knelt unseen by man
in intimacy with my God
for my special consecration.

Occasionally I return
if only in my memory
and seek that tree and the stones
and my place of sacrament.

Sometimes I find
the rocks scattered haphazardly
by insensitive hands
or nature's accident
perchance by passing time.

So I perform the ritual
of gathering them again
piling one upon another
to reassemble my altar.
I kneel to restore my commitment
to the Lord, my Rock.

Such is life:
the rebuilding
over and over
of personal altars
and the renewal
of promises made
to our Ever-Merciful
and Forgiving God:
The God of the Second Chance.

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