Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Preface to DryLand

I saw Him beckoning to me from the Dry Land of the Desert, but I didn’t want to follow. I shook my head declining His invitation.
I much preferred to walk in the cool shadow of mountains, along woodland paths that wound through the green forest, or to enjoy breezes from the ocean shore. With compatible companionship, of course. Without a care in the world. And not dealing with serious things.
But He persisted, extending His nail-scarred hand toward me in my comfort zone.
“Let us go together to seek the lost, comfort the sorrowing, heal the hurting, and bring water to thirsty ones. Come with Me to The Desert. . . . ”
“Let someone else go,” I pleaded, digging in my heels.


Leona Choy

Lord, I know I should be willing
to walk in The DryLand
if it's with You—and yet
I'm not eager.
Actually, I'm disinclined and reluctant
because I sweat in the heat
it's not comfortable in the desert
my tender feet burn and split
my throat is parched
I swallow sand and grit
hot wind bites my fevered face.

But I know You trust me
to carry Your Living Water
the only cup of refreshing
that can quench the thirst
of other travelers
who must journey through
The DryLand.

Please give me Your grace
not to draw back
to keep my eyes on Your face
and not be slack
in my commitment.

If I myself do not feel
the blazing heat
an aching heart
pressure beyond measure
temptations and trial
nor find You sufficient
for every mile
of my own DryLand
I would not care to share
Your Water with another.

Accept my weak willingness
to walk in arid deserts
as well as verdant valleys
that I might become
Your watered garden
Your spring of refreshing
to meet the needs of those
whose stumbling, blistered feet
You bid me wash (as You did)
while all of us
journey together with You
through Life's DryLand.


Isaiah 58:11
"And the Lord will...satisfy your desire in scorched
places...and you will be like a watered garden and
like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."

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