Monday, June 29, 2009


There’s a worthy charity called “Wounded Warriors” which assists the families of wounded war veterans. As Christians in the battle of life on earth, we often become both wounded and weary with the constant skirmishes and clashes not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

It’s not a condition limited to the elderly, who are known to become bone tired and often exhausted with being in life’s combat zone. Young moms surrounded by the incessant needs of children and nearly overwhelmed with their family responsibilities fall in that category too. We include those who serve the Lord, not only in the context of official church ministry, but all of us who aspire to help others along the journey to God. We sometimes feel as if we’re running on empty. Who of us has not wanted the world to stop whirling long enough for us to get off? We long for a transfer to some deserted island in the tropics.

“Author Unknown,” a frequent contributor to many publications, (!) wrote a relevant fiction take on this subject. (Slightly "souped up" by Leona)


TO: Commander-in-Chief/Spiritual Armed Forces: Jesus Christ

Sir: I request a transfer to a quiet desk job. Herewith are my reasons: I began my military career as a private. Because of the intensity of the battle, You quickly moved me up in the ranks. You made me an officer, but I know I only have the skills of a private. You gave me a tremendous amount of responsibility for the many soldiers and recruits under my charge. I am constantly on call to dispense wisdom, make decisions, and find solutions to complex problems.

I know You promised to supply all my needs for battle, but Sir, the facts are that my equipment is wearing out. My uniform, once so crisp and new, is now stained with tears and blood of those I’ve tried to assist. The soles of my boots are worn from miles I’ve walked trying to enlist and encourage the troops. My weapons are tarnished and chipped from constant battle against the enemy. Even the Book of Regulations I was issued is torn and tattered from endless use.

You promised to be with me throughout, but when the noise of battle is so loud and the confusion is so great, I can neither see nor hear You. I feel so alone and tired and discouraged. I think I have battle fatigue. I would never ask You for a discharge. I love being in Your service. But I humbly request a demotion and transfer. I’ll file papers in an office or clean latrines, just get me out of battle, please, Sir.

Your faithful but tired warrior


TO: Faithful but tired Soldier, Spiritual Armed Forces

Location: The Battlefield. Subject: Transfer

Dear Soldier:

Your request for transfer has been denied. I herewith present My reasons: I need you in this battle. I have chosen you, and I will keep My Word to supply your need. You do not need a transfer and you do not deserve a demotion because you have been faithful. (You’d never cut it on latrine duty.) You need a period of “R & R” (Rest & Renewal). I am setting aside a place right on the front lines that is insulated from all noise of battle and fully protected from the enemy. I will meet you there regularly, and I will give you rest. I will replace your old equipment and “make all things new.”

A report from your superior indicates that you have also been wounded in battle and merit a Purple Heart. My soldier, your wounds are not visible, but you have received grave internal injuries. I will heal you. You have been weakened in the battle. I will be your strength. I will restore your confidence and ability. My Words will rekindle within you a renewed love and enthusiasm for your service.


Your Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ

The prophet Isaiah zeroes in on the young recruit as well as the veteran soldier in the promises of God in chapter 40. “Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not faint. [The Everlasting God] gives strength to the weary, and to him who lacks might He increases strength.”

At times many of us qualify as wounded or weary warriors who feel like fainting or going A.W.O.L.from life’s daily battlefield, whether in the home or the workplace. Let's claim these great promises meant for all of us in whatever season of life we find ourselves.


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