Monday, June 29, 2009


Leona Choy

Majestic God—Creator of Heaven and Earth:

Did you give a great cosmic shout

a resounding, echoing roar

that reverberated across the universe

shaking even the black holes

when You spoke:

“Let there be...” and there was?

Was that the BIG BANG?

Did energy spew everywhere

and assemble itself

according to divine pattern

into orderly creation?

Or did You whisper, “Let there be...”?

Who heard You? The angelic hosts?

The powers of darkness?

Or did You simply think the command

with Your infinite mind

and will matter into existence

in the silence of the universe?

Is the universe silent

or does it sing?

Is there a music of the spheres

as planets and stars

spin and whirl and twirl and swing?

Was space empty before?

How could there be nothing

when You are everything?

Where were You standing

when You created the heavens?

What was the view like from There?

How could You begin to do something

since You are Alpha and Omega

without beginning or end

and You are eternal?

How could The Word be with You

in the beginning?

Was it He Who spoke for You?

Was it He Who created?

Did You give Him the Light to shine?

What was the appalling darkness like

before light? Since You are Light—

How could there be darkness?

How did Your Spirit brood

over the face of the deep?

How can there be deep

when there is no top or bottom

or upside down or right side up in space?

Oh, the questions my childish mind

wants to ask You as I probe

to understand the secrets of Your universe!

Will I know, just know the answers

when I finally see You face to face?

Or will You tell me the answers

to my infant questions during story time

when I come at last singing

into the presence of Your light

in the beatific vision?

Or perhaps you might surprise me

by rewinding history

to let me see it again on an IMAX screen?


Genesis 1:1-3; Job 26:7, 14; Ps. 8:3; John 1:1-5

Copyright 2009 Leona Choy

From an unpublished work,

LATTER RAIN: Wordsmithing late-in-life's-season


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