Friday, May 29, 2009



Leona Choy

I am a voice
only one voice
a transient messenger
for the One Who said
I AM The Word

I am not The Word
I simply process words
and flesh out thoughts.
The Eternal God is The Word
He is The Message
to be communicated faithfully.

A time will come
when my mortal voice is stilled
no longer audible to human ears
when I have put a period
after the last written sentence
in the concluding paragraph
of my final work-in-progress.

I pray that my silent words
written not on parchment
with an ancient quill
by candlelight
but typed on my P.C.
on eight and a half by eleven sheets
while burning the midnight oil
will continue to speak
to those who have ears to hear
and hearts to receive
my account of His faithfulness
Who is The Word made flesh.

Copyright Leona Choy 2009
From her unpublished work,
Wordsmithing late-in-the-season.


Habakkuk 3:17-19 For Writers Who are Christians

Leona Choy

Though my diligent writing doesn’t seem to be blossoming,

and there are no acceptance letters in my mailbox,

Though my queries and book proposals are failing to interest

publishers, and I’m beginning to doubt they were read,

And the income from my writing hasn’t been sufficient

to take my family to lunch at MacDonald’s;

Though the postage increase threatens to close down

my little self-employed business,

And I stupidly pushed the computer Delete key instead of Print

on my latest long-term writing project;

Though I unintentionally forgot to enclose S.A.S.E.s

in the entire stack of queries I mailed out to editors,

Though my family responsibilities are increasing to the point

that my writing time is virtually squeezed out,

And my writer’s block is reaching depression proportions,

And I have no impressive magazine article tear sheets

in my stall to pad my resumes,

Yet. . . .

I will rejoice in the Lord who called me to communicate for Him

according to the opportunities He gives me!

I will rejoice in the God who reigns over my life and works!

The Lord God is my strength, who rewards faithfulness and doesn’t

count published credits as my salvation-ticket to Heaven.

The Lord God is my Supreme Editor as I co-labor with Him to make

His Kingdom known in my orbit of His ordained relationships.

He has kept my feet from slipping as I contemplate my few results

when compared to the sensational successes of others,

And encouraged me to plug away at improving my writing craft

to a professional level to honor Him and His Name.

Yea, I will study the markets more carefully, listen more closely

to the whispering of His Holy Spirit, and check my ideas with Him

before writing with full throttle.

So may I walk humbly before God, writing for His greater glory,

and fulfilling my high calling in Christ Jesus.

Hallelujah! Amen!

Copyright 2009 Leona Choy

ad majorem Dei gloriam

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Top Blonde said...

Loved it. Of course, I had to go look up the verse which I've not read in while...once I found Habakkuk! As a fellow writer, I'm encouraged. Thank you. Keep up the inspiring missives. Love Rickls' photo of the S. Valley.