Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who doesn’t like holidays?

If you do, then prepare for heaven where the party never ends!
Start enjoying the celebration now—Listen! Do you hear the music?

“In the house of God there is never-ending festival; the
angel choir makes eternal holiday; the presence of God's
face gives joy that never fails. And from that everlasting,
perpetual festivity there sounds in the ears of the heart
a strain, mysterious, melodious, sweet—provided the world
does not drown it out.”

St. Augustine
From Patrologia Latina


Leona Choy

Tune the ears of my heart
to hear the melodious strains
of everlasting divine festivity
in the presence of God
in the joyous face of God
in the house of God
mysterious, sweet, holy music
dulcet alleluias
that only my hushed spirit can hear.

Let not the vain world
the love of the world
the things of the world
the clamor of the world
with its enchanting allurements
and siren charms
bombard my delicate ear
to drown out the sacred song
of the angelic choir
that magnifies the majesty of God
and makes eternal holiday.

Copyright Leona Choy 2009
From her unpublished work,
LATTER RAIN: Wordsmithing late-in-the-season.


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