Friday, February 27, 2009


gray: a color between white and black; having a neutral hue; dark, dismal, gloomy; indeterminate, intermediate in character


By Leona Choy

Gray days, uninvited, slip in
between winter and spring
and bring gray moods
and mental monotones.
Snow birds chirp in muted notes.
The season seems suspended
with winter open-ended.

Drab days endured
with passive acceptance
will always pass. I know
the cycle is ordained:
gray, in-between days are always
followed by The Grand Spectacle of spring
when the somber draperies of the sky
are suddenly drawn back
and songbirds warble cheerily
heralding the splendid season
and the inevitable renewal
of every living thing.

My soul, too, passes through
gray times, waiting times
shrouding me in melancholy and
a certain sadness
fogging my thoughts
tempting me to despair.

But shall I not embrace
transient testing times
and welcome them, assured
that my soul is being fortified
by gray days uninvited?
Mellowed and molded
my spirit patiently awaits the time
when the dismal winteriness of my soul
is dispelled again
by sunshine!

Copyright: CELEBRATE THIS MOMENT: Prime Time is NOW!
A Trilogy of Inspirational Poetry by Leona Choy


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CLGasper said...

What a beautiful poem.Our winters are so very long here in Idaho and I am tempted to despair.I long for sunny days.Your poem lifted my spirits.
God Bless you,