Wednesday, July 30, 2008



By Leona Choy

Jesus, I know You understand
my need to fly
You walked the dusty Judean hills

earthbound for a season
yet You walked on water too

eventually You flew into the heavens
before the invention of planes
or space shuttles.

My spirit was born with wings
but the ordinariness of life
keeps them clipped or at least
locked behind me with handcuffs
to prevent me from taking off
into the sky lanes.

I have a suppressed hunger for free flight
for newness and ecstasy
for breaking loose from gravity
I live with the urge
to explore the uncharted
and search for tantalizing treasures.

I yearn for abandon to kick off my shoes

and run barefooted
through meadows wet with dew

and not worry about snakes and thorns
or who's watching me.

I'm tired of mediocre achieving
and being dependably responsible
I'm weary of plugging along
and resigning myself to gray life

I'd rather move toward risk.

Lord, have compassion on my unrest
I'm really hard pressed
to settle for the humdrum
I don't ask for swift descent
from the pinnacle of the temple
with the safe arrangement
of a catch-net at the bottom
in case the angels are on coffee break.

You talked about it Yourself, Lord
You promised a life of MORE
You offered ABUNDANT--

whatever it means
that's what I'm looking for!

If I'm not asking too much, Lord
would You let me enroll
in Your class

on Water Walking 101?



frZ said...

Go Leona! Fly on! maybe God has permitted blogs and other such electronic worlds with the hope that Believers able to express themselves well will use their words to bring many to His. That's my prayer for this latest intitiative of yours.

Leo said...

Great Job, Leona!

You continue to be an inspiration to so many. I just love your willingness to embrace the latest technology in pursuit of sharing your faith.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that walking on water 101 would be at best like Peter's experience....we'd see where and when our faith faltered. (glug-glug-glug!) Leona you amaze me anyhow! glb