Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Do I hesitate to tell my age? Not at all! Long life is a blessing from God; I've lived under His loving, protective care through the ups and downs of life, in times of adversity and times of joy and privilege for "80-something" years.

My 31st published book was my autobiography: CZECHING MY ROOTS--the heritage saga of my life and my ancestry. I thought I was finished with my life of adventures and opportunities. After all, what more could there be? Little did I know of surprises and changes yet to come! You may go to My Links on this blog, click on my publishing web site, then "Biographies" if you'd like an overview of my life story.

Upon returning from my promotional speaking tour for that book, a surprise paradigm shift in my spiritual journey demanded that I write an autobiographical sequel. My life story continued to unfold in wonderful, unbelievable ways! You can read about that by going to My Links, click on, scroll to THIS ROCK magazine, to 2007, to September issue, Vol. 18 #7, to Damascus Road, to Leona Choy.

To listen to my one-hour, live, international TV interview on one of the largest TV networks in the world, follow these threads: Click Multimedia on the top selection bar, go to "Archived video or audio," scroll down to JOURNEY HOME near the end, then all the way to the bottom of the page to "Audio Library." Click Journey Home on the bar, then Select a Program. In the line of numbers at the bottom, click 3. Scroll down the programs to #81, November 13, 2006, Leona Choy, Former evangelical missionary. (If you'd like to see the program, a DVD of my interview is available from EWTN.)

I've recently completed writing the Sequel to my ROOTS book titled JOURNEY TO THE LAND OF MORE. The manuscript is on the editorial desk of a major publisher as we speak.

The August 14-20, 2008 issue of the ARLINGTON CATHOLIC HERALD which covers 68 parishes in 22 counties of the Virginia diocese featured my story in their series "Journeys in Faith."

We can dialogue more about all this later. This will get you up to speed--IF you happen to be interested.



JeffZ said...

Leona, great comments and reflection as usual. I cant wait to dive in on some of these topics, but a wee bit busy here at the moment. As far as age, well we both know that we feel about, hmmmm, late 20's inside this old pot God has given us. Besides, there are no generational gaps when discussing God's wonderful Truth.

Anonymous said...

You've made it easy for the computer challenged to find the sites and publications about your spiritual journey. I can't wait to spend more time on some of your Links. It looks like a treasure chest with contents that can't even be counted. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me! You're grabbing hold of another new tech to further God's kingdom. Most people your age would opt for a rocking chair. Keep it up. I'll be checking your blog regularly. ekr

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!!!!! Yours is the very first blog I've ever read. I heard people talk about them even on the media, but I never checked into one. Fantastic job. I hope you'll eventually put in pix, people who know you would love them. tb

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an adventure I've just been on! What a blog site you've created!
It must please the Lord very much. I followed the thread to read THIS ROCK article you wrote, really good. I've put your blog in my Favorites already so I can get to it very easily and quickly. God be with you for length of days to continue doing this great work. God bless you. RFM