Friday, March 30, 2018

Settled=Done=IT IS FINISHED!

(Written for "FMF" Five Minute Friday writing challenge on the word "settled"--on Good Friday's commemoration of our Lord's death on the Cross)

On a pilgrimage to the Holy Land some years ago, our group of American Christians had the opportunity and physical challenge to try climbing to the summit of what is traditionally known as Mount Sinai in the Egyptian desert. We were awakened at 3 in the morning by our Israeli guide so we could reach the top in time to view the sunrise. 

The climb in pitch darkness with failing flashlights over rocky terrain was more than arduous! I was not one of those who completed the ascent--some of us, breathless and exhausted, took shelter in a rocky cove about half way and waited to join our triumphant group for our descent. 

I wrote this poem afterward contrasting the two mounts: Mount Sinai and Mount Calvary. 


Sinai thunders "Do!"
Calvary whispers "Done!"

As Moses climbed Mt. Sinai
so I will try
sweating and straining
stumbling over rugged rocks
slipping on steep slopes.
Attempting Sinai's summit
I make it only half way!

Sinai thunders "Do!"
THE LAW, imposed for the good of man
measures with a perfect, divine ruler
man's inability to attain
a "mission impossible" standard:
breaking one law
I stand condemned by all. 

Calvary whispers "Done!"
GRACE, bought by the blood of the One
who dragged a rugged cross
over rough cobblestones
up Calvary--instead of me
and made it all the way
bought my freedom from THE LAW!
Not by works of THE LAW
but by GRACE! 
 It is settled!
"It is finished!" our Savior cried.

Sinai thunders "Do!"
Calvary whispers "Done!"--
once for all!

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