Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Cobwebs of the Commonplace

A friend sent me this pithy quotation in a blog post this morning just as I was settling in for a "mostly nothing special" day, anticipating only the daily necessary routine of which most of our lives consist: 

"Our Work in life is to find the Sacred in the mundane; and failing that, our Work is to create, foster and build the Sacred within the mundane."

What, after all, is mundane? Was that what we would call the thirty long years, prime years of His manhood, that Jesus spent in a small village workshop which might have been known as "Joseph & Son Woodwork and Masonry" tucked away in an insignificant postage stamp size country

Do you wonder what Jesus might have answered if His Mother asked Him each evening until His 30th birthday, "How was your day?"

Is mundane the ordinary stuff that most of us are engaged in most every day of our lives whether gainfully employed or retired or as homemakers who are not members of the clergy or Religious?

Mundane is defined as "secular, temporal, earthly, pertaining to everyday cares and concerns of this world rather than to spiritual matters; common; ordinary; banal. Banal? That means "devoid of freshness or originality; hackneyed or trite." Synonym: commonplace. 

Just something to think about while you are "mundaning"....

Cobwebs of the Commonplace

Leona Choy

The haze of familiarity hangs heavy
on my personal horizon today.
I anticipate the ordinary
routine responsibilities
daily demands, humdrum happenings
cobwebs of the commonplace
the sameness of my surroundings.

O Lord, can it be
that you delight to step
into my ordinary?

You become real in my routines
and mirror Your majesty
in what I call my tedious monotony.
Are You pleased to be
present in my plodding
when You stoop to use my usual
to adorn Your Deity?

Accept, O Lord, my trifling tasks
which seem mundane to me
my day-by-day ordinary
as a humble sacrifice of praise
presented to Your Majesty
from my altar of mediocrity
to glorify Your Name.

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