Sunday, July 24, 2016


From the TV reruns, if not in the long ago black and white original movie series, the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver were never alone. His faithful and able companion Tonto always had his back. 

He was there to rescue the Ranger when he got into trouble in the process of doing the good deeds for which he was famous. The duo were every kid's heroes in neighborhood games as they rode imaginary horses, shouting "Hi Ho Silver" and pretending to bring the bad guys to justice.

Too many Christians pretend they are “Lone Rangers” and try to go it alone when they experience trouble or problems in life—and who doesn't? They seem reluctant to call on any Tontos to help them. As a result, they are easily discouraged and feel helpless in their weakness. All the while there is help available, someone to shoulder their burdens and call upon Heavenly assistance with them. They might feel that it's a virtue to bear one's burdens alone by gritting their teeth and enduring their difficulties in a solitary way.

I can understand the desire for privacy and sympathize with those of a shy temperament who by nature are disinclined to let others know about their illnesses, broken relationships, or needs of various kinds. Nevertheless, a hallmark of the Christian faith is the body-ness, the unity of the Church which is called the Body of Christ. As the parts of a human body work together and are interdependent, each part helping the other parts, the stronger helping the weaker, so we are clearly told in Scripture, “Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ (Galatians 6:2). That law is the law of Love, the love of Christ to us, our love of Christ, and the love of each of us for one another. Jesus made it plain, “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another even as I have loved you” (John 13:34,35). He said that is how all men would recognize us as His disciples.

The outworking of that love is the privilege and joy of being “Tontos” to one another so that none of us need be a “Lone Ranger.” We do that first of all by praying for each other's burdens, not by isolating ourselves and trying to bear our burdens alone with a stiff upper lip. We are in the Body of Christ to help one another.

On an average, according to the automatic blog record that appears daily on my computer, there are about 2000 plus views per month of my simple posts. By and large, I don't know the majority of my viewers unless they respond with a comment or email me. My blog also automatically tells me in what countries my viewers live. I don't know how they find my blog. In the awesome networking of the Holy Spirit, at times someone far or near whom I don't even know writes me sharing his or her heart and requesting prayer for their difficulties or burdens.

WHAT A DELIGHT THIS IS TO ME! It always makes my day! In time we may even become friends, although we may never meet face to face until in Heaven! Of course in my “Tonto” capacity, I eagerly pray for them bringing their request to God in Jesus' Name. This is a great privilege. I respect their privacy, of course, and truly, truly welcome all such requests.

In turn, sometimes I ask certain Christian friends whom I unofficially call my “Praying Eagles” or “First Responders” to pray for me for some specific matter. They are my “Tontos.” And I appreciate greatly that they have my back.

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