Saturday, May 21, 2016


po-ster'-i-ti: succeeding or future generations; all descendants of one person

I imagine that viewers of my blog are various ages, but I believe mostly adults in mid-years and those well-seasoned in life: parents, and grandparents, perhaps. All of us, however, are part of some family grouping. And by virtue of being blog viewers, we are part of the Internet community with the ability to reach out to anyone, at any time, anywhere in the world.

Many of us are separated by distance from young members on our family tree and may feel that we are limited in the impact or influence we can have on the younger generation in our familial circle. Nothing could be further from the truth! Youngsters are growing up incredibly tech-savvy these days and as a result are reachable instantly—it is we who need to be on our toes to sharpen our communications skills and get with it to prayerfully impact our posterity.

We have no excuse. Opportunities are multiple to reach out and tech-touch them. Occasions like school performances, birthdays, baptisms, sports events, graduations, receiving awards, engagements, weddings, births, relationship shuffles, new jobs, driver's license test passed, milestones of any kind—the possibilities are endless. Whatever is happening in the lives of your little or big kiddos is grist for the mill of our attempt to touch their lives. Even a “Hey, I was just thinking about you...!” might be the arrow that will hit the heart-target of a grandkid of whatever age.

Simply signing a Hallmark card or slipping a check in it is a poor substitute. Let's offer them a piece of our heart while we can. We will not always be around to do so, and we have no idea how a genuine expression of our interest might encourage them on their life journey. Yeah, I know, kids are cool and sophisticated these days and their peers are uppermost on their minds, but let's take the risk of reaching out to them inter-generationally and leave the results to God. It's a given that we have to follow our tech-touch with prayer which is the ultimate power thrust, right?

Here's a recent one of mine to a “not-yet-reader” (via parental help) but I'm thinking ahead—and praying forward....

Dear Myla Wynne, my sweet Great-Granddaughter,

We don't know each other very well yet because you are only a year old and we don't see each other very often. I live quite far from your house. But I pray for you every day that Jesus will take care of you as you grow up to be a big girl.

May 15, 2016 is your baptism day. You won't remember it because you are too young. Everyone takes pictures so that when you are older, that will help you remember the day. I'm giving you a silver frame to remember this day and Mommy will put your baptism picture in it. 
Baptism is such a very special day and God is excited about it! On that day your Daddy and Mommy let everyone know that you belong to Jesus, that Jesus loves you, and they love Jesus and want Him to take care of you for all your life long. As you grow older, you will learn to love Jesus too. Your parents will tell you about Jesus, your big sister Makenna will read stories about Jesus to you, and your Church will teach you about Him. 
We are also celebrating your first birthday this month, Myla! You have grown so much since you and I had our picture taken together on my 90th birthday. You don't remember that day because you were a little baby. That was the first day that I met you! Now you are walking by yourself!
I'm giving you a little birthday gift of a book of animal noises for you to listen to. Jesus made all the animals in the world. He must have had fun creating such a variety—some are funny looking, some make strange noises, some are big, some are little, some are fuzzy, some have spots and stripes. You can make animal noises too like those in the book, but soon you will learn people-talk because you are different from the animals. God made you a human person!

Your baptism day will be a big deal for the many people who love you and are joining in the celebration at your Church. I'm excited to be coming too! 

 And at your very first birthday party with all the grown ups watching, that will be your one and only chance to eat your birthday cake with both hands and stuff the frosting into your mouth!

Great-Grandma “Bubi” Leona

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