Thursday, February 4, 2016


"BE CAREFUL!" we are told. Many TV ads attempt to alert us to the easy theft of our identities.

A little scrap of paper with our credit card number or address or bank information might be the trail someone could follow to steal our entire bank account. An unscrupulous person can secretly assume our name and abscond with our possessions.

Of course no one can actually steal our identity. Each of us is who we have always been: irreplaceable and unduplicatable. No one can exactly match our fingerprints or our genetic makeup.

Nevertheless, at times we may feel that we've lost our identity when we are swallowed up by an anonymous crowd. Or when we lose the job that gave us career identity. Or we retire and no one remembers “who we were before.” It seems that we are not anybody anymore. We don't have amnesia, but we have suffered a painful loss of our identity. 

Not so! Each of us is a unique individual and Jesus calls us by name!


There is a bursting in my spirit
to find my identity.
The world pressures me,
advocating conformity,
debasing my personality,
championing uniformity.

I abhor the abnormality
of my struggle for individuality
as I stumble around to see
whether I have any destiny.
I feel swallowed up in the futility
of being just a facsimile
of humanity.

*Jesus knows my name!

I'm not a nonentity.
Before I was born
God predestined me
and designed Calvary
to set me free
from Satan's captivity
and break me out
of the mold of anonymity.

I'm not consigned to the monotony
of mankind's homogeneity.
In Jesus, I'm not a generality.
What a discovery!
I'm not nobody!
I'm not generic
and I'm really me
*because Jesus knows my name!

* “...and He calls His own sheep by name...”
John 10:3b

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