Friday, March 27, 2015


TO NOTICE: "To become aware of something that has caught one's attention;
to observe; to recognize" (Dictionary)
“Forget not all His benefits”
the Psalmist writes.

Leona Choy

This morning I seized a fleeting moment
that nearly slipped through
my careless fingers.

Outside my bedroom window
I noticed swelling new buds
on naked branches
that lifted their bony fingers
toward the grey dripping sky—
such a simple thing
but it announces spring!

I raised the window. 
Sounds of spring rushed in
 carried on wings of chill, damp air:
An advance-scout robin
chirped on the soggy lawn
celebrating the foggy day.
The monotonous rhythm
from the drain spout
kept tempo with the music
of retreating rain.
God, I notice! I notice!

I echoed the throb of new life
I savored the season
trying to pin down the moment
and capture it with both hands
so it couldn't fly away.
I lingered at the window sill bewitched
and breathing basic life.
Lord! I notice! I notice!

Too many springs have passed
unheeded, unclaimed, as I rushed about
preoccupied with my many doings
missing the very One whose fingers
gently touch the earth each spring
with fresh, created life.

Is it possible to miss God
by permitting the pursuit of the ordinary
to obscure His face?

How quickly the noise of daily life
can dull my ear to God
and the pace of my activity
contribute to losing
awareness of His majesty
of His intimate care, of His reality.

But today I noticed God
in the wee buds springing to life
through His cycle of renewal
on bony-finger branches of naked trees
silhouetted against the grey dripping sky.

God smiled and whispered,
"Thank you for noticing!"


Wonder of wonders, God notices ME!
He tenderly, intimately notices all the details of my life
 every moment of the day and night.
I don't understand how that is possible
given the billions of people on earth 
and His meticulous administration of the vast universe
including this seemingly insignificant
 tilted, blue-green Planet Earth.
But the Scripture declares, "the eyes of the Lord
 are upon the righteous...
the Lord looks from heaven and sees all the sons of men...
He cares about you watchfully...."
Jesus said that His Father was aware of each sparrow
and each hair of my head. 
Thank You, God, that You notice ME
and You take care of my every need!

(Encore from Leona's poetry collection
 LATTER RAIN: Wordsmithing Verse
in the Vintage Season of my life)  

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Linda said...

Beautiful. God does take care of our every need. You have a lovely blog.