Thursday, September 25, 2014


This is to let you know what I'm up to in writing these fiction mini-fables.

Working title:
Fables of God's Kingdom for Grown-ups
by Leona Choy


I am primarily known as a non-fiction writer. But this modest volume is obviously fiction! I had a delightful time trying my wings imagining and writing these mini-stories for a change. I hope my readers will not only be entertained but find some meaningful take-away value.

These selections may at first seem slanted toward juvenile readers, since I have presented them in a fairy tale or fantasy format. They are, in fact, adult-oriented because of their symbolic and allegorical content.

I have written these sketches to communicate biblical truth both for enjoyment and spiritual relevance. I have taken my own path to creatively express such truth and principles through humor and hyperbole and at times by interweaving my contemporary poetry within the narrative. These selections are what I choose to call “imagineerings” (my own word) developed from the following writing devices: parable, allegory, fable, metaphor, simile, analogy, and dialogue.

I have quite freely employed personification, a poetic device which attributes human characteristics, emotions, or speech to inanimate objects, animals, or ideas. Personification is an enchanting podium where ideas or emotions speak for themselves. I focus a spotlight on simple ideas and amplify them with fantasy to unlock the doors of the reader's imagination. In so doing I use poetic, artistic, or dramatic license.

I have tried to present these life-contemplations in subtle ways without moralizing. I respect the intelligence and imagination of the reader to draw his own moral conclusions or applications. These pieces are not necessarily autobiographical, although some do reflect my personal responses to life and my relationship with God. Others echo the experiences and thoughts of humankind in general.

Each of these vignettes may stand alone, but overall they have something in common: a Christian worldview. When I “speak for God” in the dialogues, it is not in any prophetic or inspired sense. I support or source my ideation with relevant biblical references either quoted in full or only cited. I call those supporting pillars at the conclusion of each story, “From The Resource Book,” which is obviously the Christian Scriptures. 

I welcome the reader to enjoy these unconventional original "imagineerings" with me!

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