Tuesday, April 8, 2014



(Sort of an adapted encore by request)

GREEN is bursting out all over! No, not the Shamrocks and things associated with the Emerald Isle and Saint Patrick. Been there, done that--we already celebrated that kind of green last month.

NOW it is time for April showers. God has His paintbrush dipped into a massive paint can labeled "Green" while I imagine Him holding a humongous umbrella over Himself.

It seems that suddenly my whole world has turned green! The grey, dull drab of winter has given way to spring almost overnight.

When I look out the picture window from my kitchen table over the woods and vales of the Shenandoah Valley, flourishing greenery stretches as far as my eyes can see. After God's pyrotechnic-like display for several recent stormy, windy, cloudburst nights accompanied by hiding-under-the-blanket thunder boomers, new bursts of green everywhere make it seem as if I’m living in an Amazon rain forest.
I meditated on God's marvelous idea and design to not only give me eyesight but all of my senses so that I can enjoy what He has created. I can see multiple shades of green touch the fresh green, (except the poison ivy kind!) breathe it in, hear the wind rustle through the green leaves, even taste it (in salads)!

Thank You, Lord, that I am not colorblind but I can appreciate the generous, artistic splashes of color in this world which You fashioned for Your glory and the pleasure of man and then sent him forth to cultivate it.

 I praise You, O Master Artist, for selecting the background color of green when you started painting Your Earth canvas.

I'm including my poem below in my current book-in-progress "STILL MORE: FLOURISHING ON MY SUMMIT" in chapter seven entitled "Nature Flourishes on my Summit."


It must surely be

one of His favorite creation colors

not only for splendor and beauty
 but as a manifestation of life and growth:
"essential to production of carbohydrates

by photosynthesis."

It was God who thought up
that marvelous synthesis process
without which we could not live!

Look at the generous way
God lavishly splashes green around:
laying a verdant carpet for me to walk on
providing it for animals and man to eat
decorating trees with green in spring
displaying multi-hues of green foliage
keeping evergreens unchanged
to contrast with blankets
of white winter snow
embracing plants and flowers
with green leafy arms
that can climb walls of buildings
while providing lettuce and spinach
for my nourishment.

What a sense of humor God must have
to grow green veggies in whimsical shapes
like asparagus, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts
and swish green into seaweed
in the ocean while floating green watercress
in quiet, fresh streams!

"The righteous will flourish and grow
into old age full of sap
and very GREEN"*
That means me!

Clothed in the righteousness of Christ
not in my own achievements
I should not be
like withered leaf and brown
but full of inner vitality
flowing from His dwelling in me
and I abiding in Him
flourishing like a green palm tree
bearing fruit in all seasons of my life.*

Since God is so partial to GREEN

then GREEN I aspire to be

full of Divine chlorophyll
to please Him joyfully!

*Psalm 92:12-15

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