Thursday, March 20, 2014


Continuing our “me” topic, how do I discover who I am? How do I identify the “real me”? 

I can't find my true self in isolation. I can't escape to some deserted place without any human beings and develop into a well-balanced, mature person. I need people and people need me. We cross-reference each other and complete each other as we give ourselves to one another.

I find the “real me” through my relationships with others. First with my Creator, then as part of the Household of Faith, then in my familial relationships, after that in my circle of daily life and work and influence.

Such relationships don't diminish me, overshadow me, or take away my uniqueness. Other people aren't impediments to my personal holiness. I can't become holy all alone.

We know each other through these interrelationships. If people choose to identify me by associating me with some other person, it isn't a put-down. I shouldn't deny that precious label. It is a badge of honor. The more such labels I wear, the richer is my life!


Why must I always be
somebody to someone else?

Can't I ever be
just me?

Why can't I find identity
by being someone
in isolation?

Only God is the great “I AM”
existent in Himself alone
yet He is also Three.
I am the created one
only known
as I am known by Him
and as I touch my fellow man.

So if I'm called God's child
the Good Shepherd's sheep
my husband's wife
my son's mom
my granddaughter's grandma
my neighbor's friend
or my brother's keeper
that's just fine with me.

For then I make the discovery
of my true identity
and find the “real me”
in the opportunity
of being somebody
to someone else

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