Friday, July 5, 2013


Our state in life keeps changing depending on our season of life and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Looking back on my long life I can identify perhaps a dozen different “states in life” I have gone through: childhood, adolescence, student life, married life, motherhood, parenting, missionary service, administrative positions in ministry, widowhood, single parenting and grandparenting and great-grandparenting, organizational leadership. I have been a writer, publisher, broadcaster, poet, counselor, teacher—just to begin the list. 

When I became a Christian in my teens, that identity overlaid a stewardship responsibility to God onto every one of the states in life He would assign to me at any given point in the future. My states in life keep shifting according to the seasons of my life, my chronological age, my circumstances, and opportunities God sets before me.

As I understand it, God holds each of us responsible to be a good steward only of what He has given us or how He has uniquely gifted us, not of how He gifted someone else. Applying it to myself, I'm accountable according to my state in life and God's gifts to me. When I surrendered my life into God's hands as a teenager, I came empty-handed. I perceived myself as not having any of the obvious “talents” which my young peers seemed to have. (And I most obviously didn't have a talent for playing the piano—which gift I had coveted!)

God took me at my word when I committed my life to Him. He began to gradually and generously give me specific abilities, gifts, opportunities, experiences, and relationships which He expected me to use responsibly. He gave me the gift of creative writing in which I find great joy. Expressing myself in writing is as automatic as breathing, although not without blood, sweat, and tears sometimes! I fulfill my stewardship by writing books to encourage, teach, inspire, and witness to my faith. Caboosing on that gift came publishing, speaking, broadcasting, and helping others grow in their faith and develop their gifts. 
As my state in life changes, so do God's expectations for my stewardship. That doesn't mean He has let me off the hook because of my advanced age. He has guided me into adjusted expressions of my stewardship through technical and electronic equipment and the use of cyberspace and at least minimal know-how. Never have I lacked anything that God knew I needed in order to fulfill His purposes through me including providing me with state of the art computing and communicating “stuff”--thanks to my sons' generosity and patience! Supplemented with instruction from grandchildren! 

Living on the summit, I'm happy to enjoy some of the harvest now as I eat the fruit of my lifetime of planting. I continue to sow and reap simultaneously. I shall keep generously sowing for God into the lives of others by sharing the riches of the Christ-life with them. According to God’s promise, I can always expect a harvest from sowing whether I live to reap it or not. The Bible says that older women (I think I finally qualify!) should teach the younger. I’m enthusiastically optimistic about the new generations! 
To keep my day in focus with the Lord as I fulfill my calling during my current state of life, I wrote and pray this prayer each morning:


Lord, let the words I type with my fingers
and send swiftly through cyberspace
through the technology designed by men
come first and solely
from the holy meditations of my heart
and the mind of Christ who dwells within me
overshadowed by the Holy Spirit's direction.
Guide them according to Your purpose and will
for the building up of the recipients
not for the aggrandizement of myself
but for the greater glory of God alone:
ad majorem Dei gloriam.

Grant that the words I compose for publication
likewise be for the edification of Your people
and the exaltation of the Holy Trinity:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

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