Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Looking backward and forward
to trace God's hand on my life

Leona Choy

THE WIND has blown through my life
from infancy through all the changing years
propelling me
along the paths of time.

Sometimes gently whispering
Sometimes urgently redirecting me
altering my self-planned course
to thrust me
along new paths of time.

THE WIND blew unrecognized
through my innocent childhood years.
In youth's impetuosity oft withstood
by the stubbornness of my self-will
as I stumbled
along my private paths of time.

In prime and senescent years
THE WIND continues to blow
lovingly, patiently
in spite of my resistant humanity.

Grant me the grace to live
this allotted span of earth-time
given me so munificently
to accomplish some small portion
of God's Kingdom destiny
bringing me ultimately
to behold His face
in Eternity.


* THE WIND=The Holy Spirit

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