Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Tomorrow is the 4th of July--INDEPENDENCE DAY. Okay, so I'm not going anywhere or do anything for a change. No BBQ, no picnic, no beach, no fireworks—and no computering or writing. If I want to, I'll read a novel all day—or sit and dream under the sun umbrella on the deck with ice cold lemonade—if the temp is not too hot. Or take two or three naps—why not? 

I'm not going to cook for myself or for anyone else. I'll scrounge for sustenance in the refrigerator—or eat all the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in the freezer. Or I'll go out by myself to the neighborhood Applebee's Restaurant—half price for senior citizens on Wednesdays. What's more, I have a Gift Card! 

This is not my normal behavior. No one pushes me; I tend to push myself, a lifelong habit. I'm a highly motivated goal setter and have a sense of purpose and calling from God which He has not revoked although I'm more than half way through my eighties. This rather intense lifestyle does have a flip side...I have to deliberately schedule time to smell the roses and slow my pace and unwind. From time to time I intentionally "declare my independence" from all usual routine and "exit at the REST STOP!" 

I'm going to take a delicious, leisurely, laid back DO NOTHING DAY tomorrow!

Leona Choy

I hereby declare my independence
with a “DO NOTHING DAY!”

I’m going to chill out today
and let my motor idle and delay work
on my perpetual deadlines and goals.
I’ll ignore the flak from the nervous crowd
who may not understand my escape from productivity.
I’ll say “No thanks!” to their generous offer
to buy me an “all expenses paid” ticket
for a guilt trip to Stressed Out Land.

I plan to soft pedal my fortissimo
and play awhile in pianissimo.
I’ll put aside my endless “to do” list
scratching across it:
“Some other day—maybe.”
I’ll seize an interval of healthy fun
and back off from the rat race I usually run.

I’ll shut my ears to “Do it now!”
and procrastinate till it’s really too late.
I’ll simply bow out for one single day
to let my spirit romp and play.
God and I will sit down together
on a porch swing in a gentle breeze
to enjoy a break—at His invitation.
We’ll call “Time out!” as He did
when His six day creative work was done.

I’ll deliberately neglect responsibility
and purposely pamper myself
for an entire twenty-four hour day
and close my ears to the drumbeat others play.
I’ll march at my own more sagacious pace
and not compete in life’s frantic drag race.
I’ll not insist on making things happen
but relax in God’s silent grace.

I plan to do absolutely nothing today,
and let the world just accelerate away.
I’ll loosen the strings of my fully-taut bow
and release my built up tension.
I’ll lighten up and state my intention:
Today I declare my own holiday!”
I’ll loaf and lounge all I jolly well please
and let my overheated engine cool
—before I succumb to burnout
and have to be towed away!

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