Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Introducing Leona Choy’s

Autobiographical TRILOGY:


Finally Finished?

BOOK ONE: After writing over 30 books, Leona Choy at last published her autobiography, Czeching My Roots, when she was nearly age 80. She took for granted her adventurous and satisfying missionary, writing, and broadcasting career as a Protestant evangelical was complete. Wasn’t it time to retire and coast to a finish?

Was there MORE?

BOOK TWO: SURPRISE! This book tells the story of how God unexpectedly drew her into the Catholic Church, which she calls the “Land of MORE,”and launched her into another fruitful, active, exciting season of her life.

Now she had to write a sequel to update her story!

My Journey to the LAND OF MORE: Evangelical to Catholic was published by Coming Home Network International. Be sure you read Book Two as the background for Book THREE. There would be MORE to come!

YES! Still MORE!



What were those first few years like as a new Catholic Christian? Did her advanced age keep her from enjoying the freshly revealed TREASURES of the "Land of MORE?"

Did Leona find that she had to leave behind her entire evangelical faith-backpack? Were there cross-cultural adjustments as she had when she was a missionary in China?

How did she relate to her evangelical friends? Did she experience “friendly fire”? What was the mother lode of TREASURE Leona discovered—and all the gold nuggets spilling out of the spiritual TREASURE CHEST of the Church?

Of course she had to write a sequel to a sequel to a sequel.

JUST OFF THE PRESS—this book is IT!

Live the TREASURES yourself and introduce this book to your friends—converts and “cradlers” and not-yet-Catholic friends and family!


$12.95 each

for book #2 or #3 add S & H


When you order directly from Leona:

$25.90 for both books #2 and #3

you will receive a complimentary copy of Book # 1

the FLAGSHIP of her Autobiographical TRILOGY

(Over 400 pages, a $17.95 retail value)

Offer ends August 1, 2012

All orders please add S & H

$3.95 for 1-2 books; $5.45 for a set of 3 books

VA residents add 5% sales tax

Make checks payable to: Leona Choy

Mail to P.O. Box 2697 Winchester, VA 22604

email orders: leonachoy@comcast.net

All books signed by the author

Call Leona at 540-877-1813 for quantity discounts

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