Thursday, December 3, 2009


USA TODAY reported on two groups of people who made resolutions. One group wrote them down; the other didn’t. The likelihood of success for the first group was 44% and for the second, 4%. The odds for success apparently increase tenfold simply by putting one’s goals or aspirations in writing. It transforms the exercise from wishful thinking to firm commitment.

At any milestone time, whether it’s the start of a new year, a birthday, facing an empty nest, a traumatic crisis, illness, or even retirement on the horizon, most of us tend to get a bit introspective. We take anxious inventory of our lives and think about what changes we should make so the rest of our earthly journey will be more productive and meaningful. At a recent personal milestone I spelled out my goals as follows:

Focus on keeping the main thing the main thing—to seek God and His Kingdom first.
material "stuff"—give the superfluous away or decisively throw it away.
Prioritize my goals as if I have little time left to accomplish them.

Live each day as if God will still give me generous time to serve and glorify Him.
Eliminate or limit pursuits that no longer contribute to life goals God has given me.
Surrender any cares of this world that hinder me from an intimate relationship with God.
Seek God’s wisdom on where and how I should press forward more diligently.
Discern where I should lighten up, cut myself some slack, and smell those roses.
Obey fully and promptly whatever God reveals as His will and purpose for me.

And then I WROTE DOWN what practical steps I would take to realign my life more closely to these resolves.

God gives each of us abilities and opportunities that He expects us to use responsibly. Let's live fully in the present at whatever season or stage of life we find ourselves. We are accountable to God to be faithful stewards only of what He has given us, not for what He gave someone else.

I’m a goal setter by temperament so I guess I’ll always have more that I want to do, to become, to write, to enjoy, to experience. When God's allotted time for my earthly life is over, I’ll undoubtedly still have exciting projects on the back burner. The New Year lies ahead of us all with its wonderful potential. I want everything God planned for me, don't you? So let’s push the horizons of our minds and our spirits further to attempt more, learn more, create more, pray more, take up new challenges and opportunities, and live on the cutting edge of life. The more we stretch, the higher we can reach!


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Mary Lynn said...

Leona,my spedial friend, I am so
happy to read your blog (after finding it). It is interesting, in-spiring, and refreshing in all areas. Now you will have my gmail address and I'll get a note from you now and then. When I find your e-mail address I'll send you a note now and then. Things are busy here. Mickey just came so I'll close. Love you. MaryLynn