Monday, August 10, 2009


God is an “over-blesser”! Whatever the Lord does is lavish, generous, “exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or even think.” (Eph. 3:20) Unimaginable blessings are stored up, prepared by God for me from before the foundation of the world. They are not meager or skimpy. We don’t have to beg God for a blessing. They are pressed down, shaken together, and running over just waiting for me to receive them, to simply ask for them. (1 Cor. 2:9; James 4:2) God outdoes Himself in giving me far more than I need. He has an unparalleled record of faithfulness in providing for the needs of His own people. Case histories abound throughout the Scriptures.

In Mark chapter eight, Jesus took seven loaves of bread and fed 4,000 people. Seven large baskets full of leftovers were collected. He had previously taken five loaves and fed 5,000, and the disciples gathered twelve baskets full of leftovers. What do you suppose they did with them?

We know one thing they didn’t do. They didn’t take any with them. Immediately after the seven leftover loaves miracle the disciples were crossing the sea in a boat. Let the record show, “They had forgotten to take bread; and did not have more than one loaf in the boat with them.” What were they thinking? Wouldn’t you have expected them to take at least a few leftovers with them? Or how about none at all? Didn’t they believe that Jesus could miraculously feed their small group in view of what He had just done?

Jesus was aware of their anxiety, and He reproved them, “Why do you discuss your lack of bread? Do you not yet see or understand? Do you have a hardened heart?” He went over the details of the two above miracles of multiplication in case they had missed the point. One loaf would have been more than enough.

If necessary, Jesus could have added peanut butter and jelly to the bread that He was able to multiply. He could cause fish to jump into the boat at His command and prepare them on a charcoal grill as He later would do after His resurrection. He could have “prepared a table before them” providing salad, vegetables, and a desert if He wanted to.

Let’s not fault the disciples too much. With the history of God’s faithfulness in my own life, can’t I trust Him to be incredibly generous to abundantly satisfy my physical, material, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs beyond all I can ask or think according to His riches in Glory? (Phil. 4:19) All I need to do is ask for them, thank Him that the supply is on the way, confidently expect it, and receive it with joy and gratitude when it arrives in His perfect time.

I should ask largely, and God will give me largely. With those bountiful, overflowing leftovers, more than enough for my own needs, I will not waste them, but share them generously with others in need.


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