Tuesday, January 27, 2009



My 9 year old grandson, Jeffrey, was helping me prepare Valentines to send to some people whose addresses were on a sheet marked ‘GRANDMA’S SPECIAL NEEDS FRIENDS.’ He helped me select some Valentine candies to enclose in a few of the packages. (Of course he sampled the chocolate bars himself!)

“Grandma, I know that you have hundreds of friends on your mailing list. I saw your directory and your e-mail list. But who are these people with special needs?”

“Jeffrey, God has really blessed Grandma with friends all around the country, many of whom I haven’t seen for many years. I try to call some of them with my cell phone on weekends or as often as I can just to tell them I still LOVE them and PRAY for them. I always remind them that GOD LOVES THEM even more than I do.”

“It doesn’t look like some of your friends are living in their own homes.”

“That’s correct. Some live in what are called ‘Retirement Homes;’ others are in ‘Care Centers’ or ‘Nursing Homes’ or they are in the hospital. Some are elderly and in wheelchairs, and it is hard for them to take care of themselves. Others can’t remember things clearly anymore and need someone to help them. Grandma doesn’t forget them, and I pray for them often.”

“I’m sorry about them. May I sign my name on the Valentines too? Maybe I could send them my picture and tell them I’ll pray for them too.”

“That would be great! You select the photo and I’ll have some copies made to enclose. I know my friends will like that. Many are in their 80’s and 90’s, some are nearly 100 years old. Several are blind.”

“I want to send my picture from when we visited the Kennedy Space Center. But your blind friends won’t be able to see it.”

“Let’s pray that some of their caregivers will read the Valentine and Grandma’s letter to them. When I talk with them on the phone it doesn’t matter that they are blind. For sure our spirits and our hearts are communicating. They always ask what Grandma is up to and about our family, and I tell them about YOU, too. Do you know what my friends say?”


“They tell me that even though they can’t do very much anymore, and some can’t even leave their homes or their Care Centers, that they can still pray. They have Jesus in their hearts. And they tell me that they will pray FOR YOU, too, Jeffrey! Now what do you think of that?”

“I think I’m pretty lucky that your friends are my friends too. What are you going to tell them in your Valentine letter?”

“I’ll read a little of it to you. I think you are old enough to understand:

‘Dear Friend, trust in God and don’t be afraid. Whatever is your situation, God knows about it and cares for you. Stay full of faith in Jesus no matter how things look, whether your circumstances are hopeful or discouraging. Whatever you are going through, whether your body or your mind is growing weaker and doesn’t work so well anymore, God has His arms around you and is hugging you close. He will never leave you. Whatever happens in this life is temporary. Jesus promised that He has gone to heaven to prepare you a place where you will be well and happy forever and ever and ever in His presence. And you can count on that!’

And then I added some other grown-up things to encourage them from God’s Word, the Bible. Do you know why Grandma cares about these people and everyone else who has special needs?”

“Because you love them?”

“That’s for sure. But also because Jesus promised that whenever we do anything for anyone else, no matter how little, even giving someone a drink of water, it is the same as if we were doing it DIRECTLY TO HIM!”

“Wow! That is so cool! Let’s hurry and mail these Valentines, Grandma, to be sure they get there in time for February 14!”


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