Wednesday, September 10, 2008


LIFE seems to have a heavy foot on the accelerator. Each year, each month, each day passes more quickly as one grows older. Youth is in a hurry to mature; children are pushed too soon into adolescence. The “centerfold” of mid-life, thought to be the prime time, evaporates too rapidly. The media substitutes sound bites and video clips for in-depth reporting.

As Christians, are we allowing the world around us to set our pace? Do we feel as if we are navigating blindfolded in treacherous whitewater with dangerous rocky shoals around us in the rapid, frothy flow with a roaring waterfall ahead of us?

I came across a thoughtful paraphrase of Psalm 23. Credit goes to a Japanese writer, Tokio Megashie.


I shall not rush.

He makes me stop for quiet intervals,

He provides me with images of stillness

which restore my serenity.

He leads me in ways of efficiency

through calmness of mind

and His guidance is peace.

Even though I have a great many things

to accomplish each day,

I will not fret,

for His Presence is here.

His timelessness, His all importance,

will keep me in balance.

He prepares refreshment and renewal

in the midst of my activity.

By anointing my mind with His oils of tranquility

my cup of joyous energy overflows.

Truly, harmony and effectiveness shall be

the fruits of my hours,

For I shall walk in the Pace of my Lord

and dwell in His House forever.


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