Monday, March 5, 2018


Among the many viewers of my blog, I'm sure there are caterpillar writers and writers in process of emerging from their chrysalis, and already flying butterfly writers who want to soar even higher. I am offering FREE Coaching to Christian Writers at every stage from "Caterpillars to Butterflies."

Please let your writer friends know about this opportunity. 
Why FREE? I want to pass the baton of Writing for the Supreme Editor to the next generation and help Christian writers to the next level or stage in their writing dreams and skills. So I call it “Stage Coaching.” You are never too young or too calendar-challenged to write for God's glory, if you feel a gift arising in you or God is giving you a nudge or a dream.

Some may dream of writing a best seller or being widely published with name or face recognition, or being asked to speak in Writers Conferences or hold workshops, or have a book signing. Hopefully, most of us want first of all to fulfill our calling from God to communicate what He wants to say to specific readers and to give Him the glory. Perhaps you need a coach for awhile to help you refocus your skills, develop new ones and discover new markets for your writing. I want to support you to achieve your specific personal or professional goal by providing guidance.

As your temporary STAGE COACH friend, I want to help you:
  • Improve your writing skills and explore your realistic dreams
  • Refocus your goals in respect to writing, if necessary
  • Move past challenges that may stand in the way of achieving your goals
  • Press forward in your writing beyond your present stage
  • Identify your strengths and talents, natural and spiritual gifts
  • Develop a writing plan to maximize your experiences and present opportunities
We'll “talk by email” about your experience and what you want to accomplish. You'll work on the steps by which you can achieve your goals. I'll suggest how you might improve your writing skills to editorial standards. I will point you to other resources and professional persons in specific areas, if you need extra help. I will offer support and guidance along the way, with my prayers for your progress.

My coaching is not only for beginners who are just discovering God's latent gift of expressing themselves in writing. I also coach my seasoned writing peers and those who are already well-published with skills and experience and publishing credits far beyond mine. I welcome anyone who wants to explore together further ways to move forward “with their stage coach” up the winding trail to a higher stage in their calling as a writer who is a Christian.

There is no charge for my one hour of email coaching.
How to get started:

1. So we can know each other better, read my recent book "Writing for the Supreme Editor," (Order by email: Become familiar with my website and my blog:

2. Email me requesting the Questionnaire to introduce yourself and let me know that you'd like to take advantage of my coaching. Return Questionnaire to me by email.

3. Send me by email a sample of your writing, whatever you wish, up to 1000 words.

I will go over your writing and email you to discuss it and your specific writing interests (back and forth by email as we progress). No deadlines. I may have more specific questions to ask you based on your stated writing dreams and goals.

I will spend at least an hour to prayerfully suggest how you could move forward in your writing. I personalize my coaching—one size doesn't fit all—writers are at different levels and unique in their needs and God-given gifts.

I might ask you to send me more of your writing. When my promised coaching hour together concludes, does that doesn't mean that our communication is over? No, I will continue praying for and encouraging you and follow your progress. I will still be available to answer your questions. I'll probably offer you further suggestions as time goes on. I may point you to helpful writing resources and online Writing Groups for instruction and fellowship.

We'll go with the flow and share the joy of writing together while we watch how God will lead you as you as you write for the Supreme Editor! Email me to get started with our coaching.

Your writing friend,

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