Friday, February 16, 2018


(In compliance with “FMF Five Minute Friday Community of writers”
The assigned word to write on is WHY?)

I splashed the WHY? word prominently on the cover of one of my published books, HOSPITAL GOWNS DON'T HAVE POCKETS! 
My subtitle was: WHY me? What now? Discovering Meaning in Physical Distress. I wrote that book during my recovery from major lung cancer surgery.

WHY? was large on my mind. Never a smoker nor around smokers, WHY did I develop lung cancer? Most of us who attain some measure of longevity have repeatedly met adversities and afflictions and have had to decide how to deal with them.

First, we should ask God WHY? in an attitude of inquiry, not a disgruntled whine of complaint. “What do You want me to learn through this event for my own life?”

And a second WHY? Is the reason You want me to go through this physical or other misfortune so I can help others? The apostle Paul declared that God allows ALL afflictions in our lives so that we may “comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” (Second Corinthians chapter one)

In my lifetime of writing and publishing I have found that some of the most meaningful writing comes from the school of adversities which God allows in our lives. In addition to the books I've written to walk people through illness with God's help, after my own loss, I wrote a trilogy of books to help widows, and several books for those of us who have become calendar challenged.

The WHY? word when we ask sincerely of God, always has an answer when we listen to Him carefully.

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