Saturday, January 13, 2018


My Lord and I met this morning for our usual early rendezvous at which time I'm accustomed to listen and receive orders and enablement for the day. A very private time in the secret of His presence. I've been serving the Lord for a long, long time.

“What's on Your agenda for me today, Lord?” I had begun pulling on my usual spiritual work clothes. “What do You want me to do?”


“Excuse me? There's so much Kingdom work to do. Night is coming when no man can work....”

Smiling, “Don't you think I know that better than you do?”

“...all those leftover things to do from yesterday, from last month, last year.... We'll be getting behind....”

I'm taking care of them. Trust Me. Didn't you leave them in My hands?”

“Yes, but don't I still have to....?”

No, you don't. Relax. They are in process and My will shall be done in My eternal time just as your prayers will be answered in due time.”

“But what will happen if I don't...?”

You might see some miracles that you didn't really need to be involved in.”

“Don't You need me anymore?” I was beginning to feel obsolete, as if He was putting me on the shelf after so many years of serving Him.”

Your ready obedience to my still, small voice and your availability to serve me is a delight to Me. I know I can count on you. But listen to me now—”

“Okay, Lord, I'm listening.”

I want you simply to be with Me. Don't do anything today. I have created multitudes of angels to do my bidding. I created My human children for companionship, for relationship.”

I quietly laid aside my work clothes and sat down close to Him. The pressure of activity slipped off my shoulders.

I have provided green pastures for you to lie in and still waters to restore your soul. You need a respite between all of your doing. Only one thing is needful.” He laid His fingers on my lips to keep me from speaking. “Hush! Be still and listen to My heart.”

I don't know how long we sat there together, my Lord and I. The years fell away as I leaned close to His bosom like a child again despite my accumulation of calendar years. In His embrace we communed heart to heart without words. Time was irrelevant.

Life went on. His Kingdom work went forward—with my hands-on involvement—or without.

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